Over two days, you’ll hear from some of the brightest minds in our organization as they explore the future of cybersecurity and the implications for organizations like yours.

What you’ll learn: 
You’ll hear about the enormous potential of machine learning and software in security operations, why our industry needs to collaborate more, and you’ll hear the latest news about what our threat research and incident response teams have observed in the wild during COVID-19.

We’ve assembled a packed schedule of talks from industry leading experts, guest speakers and Secureworks customers. You’ll hear from world-leading threat researchers, incident responders, data scientists and software engineers, who have worked for the military, national security, law enforcement and a wide variety of major corporations. Each of our speakers brings unique insights on the security industry as it stands today, and where it’s headed.

Guests and speakers to be announced soon!

Who should attend: 
Secureworks Connect is suitable for everyone, no matter whether you’re a security executive, frontline analyst, or business leader. Activities at the conference will include live demos, wellness sessions, celebrity guest speakers, executive-only sessions, and more. Join us to network with your peers and plan a more secure future. 

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