Cybersecurity IQ: Know the Threat

Four Areas of Vulnerability Where Business Leaders Must Engage

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At a time when businesses are digitally interconnected more than ever, the nature of risk and uncertainty is fundamentally changing. Cyber criminals are targeting not only entire organizations but also every individual that works for, or conducts business with it. New corporate initiatives enabled by IT are moving forward at a pace that previous generations could only imagine. These initiatives improve efficiency, but they trigger a wide range of vulnerabilities that can expose your company’s most valuable assets, from trade secrets to customer accounts.

Cybersecurity IQ: Know the Threat discusses:

  • Hacker motivations and tactics
  • Four areas of vulnerability where business leaders must engage
  • Board-level responsibility and cybersecurity

Recent high profile breaches have resulted in executive shakeups and breach costs as high as nine figures after insurance and deductions. Other impacts have yet to be revealed over time, including opportunity loss due to the distraction of these crises, erosion of investor confidence, employee morale and trust, and government intervention. This Fortune article analyzes board-level responsibility for cybersecurity.

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