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Secureworks hosted its first-ever virtual TI Summit, featuring our Counter Threat Unit™, an elite team of researchers and threat hunters with the expertise, protocols, and technology to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape and outmanoeuvre the adversary on Tuesday 30 June.

The Summit consisted of a series of live sessions over the course of 5 hours, beginning with a welcome from our Chief Threat Intelligence Officer Barry Hensley, who kicked off the event by providing a look at emerging threats, evolving tactics, and the drivers behind the accelerated rate of change in today’s threat landscape.

Featured sessions include:

  • Hacking the Lockdown: How Cybercrime Responded to Coronavirus – In the midst of COVID-19, the cyber threat has felt much more present, but how much of this is fear vs. reality? We look at how much the threat landscape has (or hasn’t) changed through the course of the global pandemic.
  • Choose Your Own Intrusion: A Journey Into the DNA of a Targeted Threat Group – Step into the shoes of a threat actor: what do they see, what decisions do they have to make, how do they evade detection?
  • Disinformation in the Fake News Era – Disinformation has long been used as a political tool, but recently it has become much more pervasive as social media brings people closer together. Take a closer look at the evolution of disinformation and its use in the cyber threat landscape.

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